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Best mini projector 2020

How to choose the best projector?

Choosing the right projector is not an easy task. There are many models and technologies, and it is sometimes difficult to find one through this mass of technical terms... That's why The Pico Projector offers you a simple pico projector purchasing guide, which will help you find the best home theater that suits your expectations and needs. Which projector to choose? The answers in the following lines...


First of all, the question to ask yourself is the following: what use will I make of my projector? Several cases are possible. Indeed, the choice for your projector will be different, depending on whether you plan to use it for Home Cinema, Office, Video Games or on the go.

A video projector for office and professional presentations.

For office use and professional presentations, a projector with a short focal length (very important) and able to display the latest computer files should be preferred. You should therefore look for PDF and Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) compatibility, or even support for specific video encoders to broadcast a self-recorded presentation.

Projectors designed for the Office like the Pico Pro Go are generally lightweight, portable, and affordable, allowing you to take them with you wherever you go… Moreover, they can be useful when you go on vacation, or when you go to play video games at a friend’s place.

The best projector in this category is definitely the Pico Pro Go, which is no bigger than a Coke can. Its definition is very good and its brightness is excellent for daylight use in the office or for playing video games.

A projector for home theater

To choose the right home theater projector, you should choose a Full HD (1080p), Ultra HD (2160p), or even 4K model from Sony, with good contrast (from 2000:1) to exploit the full potential of high-definition sources such as a Blu-ray Player, a 4K Player, or a PC with a suitable video card. These video projectors are equipped with HDMI connectivity to connect these HD sources, and sometimes even with HDMI 2.0 for compatibility with [email protected] streams. The goal of a Home Cinema projector is to render your movies in the most faithful way possible, on a large screen diagonal, to obtain a rendering close to that obtained in movie theaters. Fluidity is therefore also essential. Note that some Sony or JVC video projectors can compete with those used in real movie theaters! At The Pico Projector, the most effective model to transform your living room into a real home theater is the Pico Pro One. With a brightness of 2800 lumens and its built-in speaker, it’s perfect for any living room.

Ultra-compact projectors

Are you often on the road? There are ultra-compact, portable projectors that are commonly called pico projectors in reference to their size, such as the Pico Pro Go. These projectors have come a long way, and some are now able to display 720p or even 1080p HD footage. Thought for mobility, they often include a storage space for your videos, or a USB port for connecting a key containing movies (some manufacturers opt for an SD/SDHC port, rather than a USB port). Picoprojectors are also suitable for video games and are sometimes equipped with a rechargeable battery for total freedom of use.

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